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   Studying the book of Jonah at bible seminary revolutionized my view of the prophet Jonah. After hours of bible study, I discovered that Jonah's character flaws surface in his rebellion against God. All the Jonah bible study resources on this site anchor upon Jonah's integrity (or lack thereof).  

Does Jonah act like a selfless hero centered on God's will? or a selfish villain fixated on his own agenda?


Jonah 1: The Runaway Prophet 

 Lesson One. By running from God's Word, Jonah incites judgment on himself and innocent bystanders. God tells Jonah to rise and go preach against Nineveh. Jonah, however, goes down to Joppa, down onto a ship deck, down below deck, and down into the deep sea.  The prophet plummets downward into darkness as his hatred rises. Ignoring God's missional heartbeat, Jonah tries to manipulate God into changing His mind about Nineveh.

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Jonah 2: The Manipulative Prophet

  Lesson Two. By trying to manipulate God with Scripture, Jonah invites radical judgment into an already stormy situation. The story of Jonah and the whale is often misinterpreted. God appoints the whale to swallow Jonah for his evil attitude, not to save him. Inside the whale, Jonah tries to sway God to change His mind about Nineveh by praying through bible verses. Vomited out, Jonah enters the city with a lukewarm attitude.

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Jonah 3: The Lukewarm Prophet

  Lesson Three. By partially obeying God, Jonah cannot restrain the power of God's spoken Word. At Nineveh Jonah half-heartedly obeys God. He only preaches to a small populous in Nineveh and then doesn't revise the bible message, as God had formerly commanded him. Instead, the prophet Jonah declares five Hebrew words of judgment against Nineveh. Inwardly craving destruction, Jonah storms out of Nineveh to await its fate. 

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Jonah 4: The Furious Prophet

  Lesson Four. By expressing rage at God's mercy on Nineveh, Jonah cultivates emotional instability for his own life. The story of Jonah climaxes with Jonah so livid over God sparing Nineveh that the prophet begs God to let him die. God teaches Jonah a life lesson with a plant, a worm, and a hot east wind. The bible story ends with Jonah ravening mad at God. The prophet Jonah's fate remains an unsolvable mystery of the holy Bible.  

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Story of Jonah  This Jonah website may help with the process. Anyone may download the bible commentaries or sermons on Jonah for personal edification, bible studies, or Sunday school lessons, but the acquired resources may not be posted on any site, mass distributed, or sold for profit. Whatever the need, please read my testimony and enjoy all the useful Jonah bible study materials dedicated to discovering life-changing truths in the story of Jonah!