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Jonah and the Sailors (1:1-16)
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Sifting Jonah's Heart: A Commentary Series


  Jonah BibleThis Jonah Commentary Series explores Hebrew keywords that peer deep inside Jonah's heart. As a seminary student I invested countless hours pouring through expensive bible software and reading scholarly commentaries, just to analyze important Hebrew words about Jonah. Bible translations weren't always helpful on my journey. This commentary is the product of my own efforts to figure out what ignites Jonah's defiant attitude against God.

Pastors, teachers, and students are all invited to take advantage of this free commentary on Jonah to save valuable time preparing sermons, hosting bible studies, and understanding Jonah's character. 


Translating Jonah 4.1: Does Jonah Call God Evil?


 This Jonah Commentary addresses translational issues head on. For example, each instance of the keyword evil interconnects the story of Jonah and further develops his character, which in some cases, the King James and New International Version both fail to do. I can demonstrate this by comparing my own translation with how the KJV and NIV translate the Hebrew word raah or evil.

  Neither the King James nor the New International Version translate raah as evil in Jonah 4:1. Instead, they construe raah as displeased exceedingly (KJV) or greatly displeased (NIV).
The prophet's deeply flawed character hides behind the text of these versions. The underlying Hebrew word for word states,  “But this was evil to Jonah, a great evil. He burned with anger.” Jonah was not just displeased about God's mercy on Nineveh; he considered God's actions extremely evil.

  Working with translations becomes an issue in bible study, because at times they handle the same Hebrew words differently. Likewise, many English translators prefer the biblical text more reader friendly than literal. This Jonah Commentary, however, offers a word for word literal translation of the book of Jonah as well as detailed study notes for each verse.


Jonah Commentary Series: What Drives Jonah Mad? 


Jonah Commentary  This Jonah Commentary Series may help answer that question because of the  detailed verse by verse study notes, convenient mouse-over Scripture references (html only), clear insight into Hebrew keywords, and free downloadable pdf file.

  Jonah is not just a literary masterpiece filled with rich theology; it contains many bible truths for Christian living. Click on the Jonah Commentary link below to begin studying the first chapter of the book of Jonah today. 

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